Applying for a Rental Home - SEQ Rentals Management

To give you the best possible chance of securing a rental property please read the following guidelines.

Booking an inspection

When you have found the desired property, you need to contact our office and ask for our leasing team. They will organise a time and date for the inspection of the property.

Do I have to view the property first, before I put in an application?

Yes you do have to view the property before submitting an application. There is always the option of sending someone to view the property on your behalf. We will not process any application until the property has been inspected.

Submitting your application

Once you have viewed the property you can submit an application by email, fax, post, just drop it into our office or hand it in at the inspection. Click here to download one of our application forms. Every person over the age of 18 years must lodge an application for the property.

Don’t forget to include the following documents in your application

  • Personal details
  • Current address
  • Any dependants
  • Pets
  • References personal and professional
  • Employment details
  • Last 2 pay slips
  • Bank statement showing savings
  • Tenant ledgers
  • 100 points of identification

Once your application has been submitted...

If you have submitted an incomplete application you will receive an email from us outlining the reaming paper work needed. It will outline any remaining documents that need to be submitted. Please note we cannot start processing your application until you provide the missing items. Please provide the missing documents within two business days or your application may be shredded.


Too completely process an application will take between 2-3 business days.
When processing an application we confirm the following details.

  • Rental History/Living Arrangements
  • Employment References
  • Checks of defaulting tenancy databases
  • Once your application has completed processing you will receive a confirmation email or text message that your application is now with the Property Manager.

You will be contacted by SMS and email within the first 24 hours of your application being processed, and as it progresses. This will also provide you with an application ID Number – please keep this for your reference.

Presenting an Application

Once an application has been completed it will be forwarded to the owner. The owner then makes the final decision regarding which application to choose. It may take up to 48 hours to get a decision from the owner. Please note the owner is not required to give reasons for their decision. You will receive a confirmation text message and email that your application has been forwarded to the owner and awaiting an answer.

When will you find out? And signing the lease

Once we have a decision from the owner, you will be contacted by text message and email with the result of your application whether you are successful or not.

If you wish to withdraw your application please contact either the Property Manager or the Processing Team and quote your Application ID Number. We will send you a confirmation email or Text Message to confirm.

In order to secure the property we require all individuals who will be on the lease to visit us at one of our offices within 1-2 days of being approved so that we can stop advertising the property.

When you meet with us we will go through all aspects of the lease. As we need to explain all your tenancy details thoroughly, please allocate up to 45 minutes for your tenancy induction. We will also explain our zero tolerance policy for late rent payment, the bond lodgement process, action for emergency repairs and help to arrange payment methods.

Once you have signed the lease you then must pay the 4 weeks bond for the property plus 2 weeks of rent; this must be in bank cheque or money order and paid within 24 hours of signing the lease to secure the property..

What could help?

You are able to assist in the processing of you application by;

  • obtaining a tenant ledger from your previous agent
  • encouraging your references to respond to us quickly
  • providing missing information ASAP

RTA Tenancy Agreement

To download a copy of the RTA Tenancy Agreement please visit our page of rental application forms.