Why use SEQ Rentals - SEQ Rentals Management

Thank you for considering South East Queensland Rentals as a managing agent.
We hope you find the following information presents a concise overview of our business procedures and gives you the confidence that we will look after you, and your property in the way you expect.

How does SEQRentals.net.au system work for you?

The way our system works for you is that we don’t pay our managers a flat salary like all the old style management companies, we actually pay our managers on a commission basis where the better they manage your investment property the more they get paid.

This makes our managers the best in the business at looking after your investment.

Why use us?

Our aim at South East Queensland Rentals is to be more than just managers of Real Estate. Real Estate should be stress-free. What we do and how we do it should give you a sense of control over the future and the confidence that at each step of the way, the right things are happening when they should. We want to enhance the security and pleasure that owning real estate investment property brings.

South East Queensland Rentals staff have been looking after clients since 1996. Our business creates clients and friends for life. Our property managers are professionals, being constantly trained and tested to ensure that they know precisely how to get the best out of a property and a tenant.

While many things in Real Estate have changed since we started business, our desire to help clients enjoy owning property is just as strong. It’s your property and it’s your future. We would really like to help make both the best they can be.

Finding a Tenant

We have found that when looking for a tenant, the Internet is by far the greatest source of quality inquiry.

Electronic media allows us to present your property on the major real estate websites, including our exclusive Elders Real Estate website. Online advertising also allows us to display multiple colour photos of your property, both internal and external. By presenting your property in such a comprehensive manner, we attract more serious prospective tenants.

One of our main characteristics is the manner in which we track and measure nearly everything. Electronic Media presents us with the ability to research the level of inquiry that your property has received. From this we are able to compare your property to others on the market, even if those other properties are with competing agents. This allows us to find tenants faster and market your properties so to attract the best rent available.

While averages can be deceiving, our average vacancy is less than 2 weeks and we often lease our properties before they actually become vacant.

As evidence of our success, our vacancy rates are half that quoted by the Real Estate Institute as average for Qld.

We have a very strict routine for keeping you updated whilst the process of finding a tenant is going on. We let you know all feedback from inspections and suggestions that may make your property rent sooner or at a higher rental.

Tenant Selection

We are ultimately looking for the very best tenant for your property and consider finding the right tenant vital in creating a stress free and pleasurable experience for you as an investor. Due to this we are extremely thorough and vigilant in checking all references; often these checks involve us obtaining documented evidence rather than just telephone conversations.

We reference check employment, confirming the present position is permanent and stable. We prefer people who demonstrate stability and don’t move jobs too frequently. Next we check with their current landlord or agent to establish that they have looked after their property, paid their rent on time and conducted themselves in an appropriate manner. In some cases we will also check the previous tenancy.

A fact of tenancy is that the only information available to reference check is that provided by the applicant themselves. It is highly unlikely that the applicant will offer up the information that they damaged their last property or left owing rent. Due to this South East Queensland Rentals is a member of the ‘Tica Default Tenancy Control System’ database. By logging onto this website and providing some basic information we are able to determine if another agent or landlord has registered the applicant as having a default. Regardless of their reasoning, South East Queensland Rentals make it our policy to never accept a tenant that appears on this site.

We will stay in constant contact with you during this application procedure and allow you to make the final decision in tenant selection.

Commencement & Periodical Inspections

Prior to your new tenant taking possession of your property, a thorough commencement inspection report is completed, of which you will be sent a copy.

This comprehensive inspection report details the condition of your property and the way it must be returned at the end of tenancy. The report also includes a copy of all keys and remotes that are issued to the tenant.

After 1 month of tenancy we re-inspect the property to ensure that the tenant is maintaining the property, keeping it clean and in good order. This is documented and a report is sent to you. We find that 1 month is long enough for a tenant to show his true behaviour and short enough to prevent problems.

3 months later we again inspect the property and report back to you. We then re-inspect every 3 months.

You are always welcome to come along with us and if appropriate we are happy to arrange a separate inspection at a date and time convenient.

Periodical Inspections are twofold. Not only do they give us a good indication of how your tenant is caring for your property, but allows an opportunity to report back to you on any general & preventative maintenance necessary or renovations that may be required at the end of the current tenancy.

SEQ Rentals' real focus is on Property Management

Why is our agency more successful at renting, rent arrears and rent increases then the old style of agencies?It’s because of our new system it aligns our interests with yours.

Rent Payment & Arrears Management

Ensuring that your tenant’s rent is paid on time is very important to us, and we excel at it ensuring it happens.

We practise a no nonsense policy when it comes to rental arrears. Due to our daily monitoring, should a tenant fall into arrears we know about it instantly and move to correct it before it becomes a problem.

Rent Reviews

We review the rent level of each property every 6 months. If the market rate has increased we write to you recommending the proposed increase and commencement date. We will automatically advise the tenants of any increase 14 days later, giving the prescribed days’ notice. If however you would like a variation of the increase proposed, simply contact us and we will make the amendments. The tenants are encouraged to talk to us if they disagree with the new rent or if they have financial concerns. In these cases we will contact you with any recommendations, and for your decision.

The process is designed to maximise your property’s annual income by balancing the weekly rent levels against potential vacancy and turnover.


Authority given to us to organise work for your property is at your discretion. Any tenant maintenance request is recorded in our computer. Your property manager reviews all maintenance daily, confirming whether it is landlord, strata or a tenant liability. We check whether the problem has occurred before, and if appropriate, follow-up any previous complaints or tradespeople.

Depending on your written instructions, we will discuss the problem with you and allocate the job to one of our tradespeople. The completion of the work is followed up and the invoice checked before payment.

The manner, in which we handle maintenance, including communication with you, has proven to be so good that we guarantee our work and that of our tradespeople.

Vacating Tenants & Final Inspection

When a tenant does give notice of their intention to vacate, you will immediately be notified by mail and the re-letting process will commence. A new rental figure will be set in line with the current market and Open House times will be organised. These Open Houses allow us to show prospective tenants through your property prior to the old tenant vacating. We aim to minimise your vacancy, and ultimately reduce your reletting costs.

Once the tenant has vacated a final inspection is carried out using the initial commencement inspection report as a basis. Any cleaning or repairs are arranged and you are fully apprised of the findings before the bond is released. If you prefer we will hold the bond until you too have inspected the property and approved its condition.

Payments & Statements

Each month we will prepare a comprehensive statement detailing rental income as well as outgoing payments made on your behalf. South East Queensland Rentals can arrange for the payment of many accounts, including Council Rates, Strata Levies and Insurance Policies on your behalf. This will all be shown on your monthly statement. Any accounts paid will be attached to your statement.

Statements can also be prepared twice monthly if this is more suitable. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you would prefer this.

Management Fees

South East Queensland Rentals aims to make your investment experience as simple as possible, with an all-encompassing commission structure. Our business stands out from our competition not by what fee is charged, but rather, by the extras we do not charge.

All of our fees are fully tax-deductible