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Areas we cover

We have managements in the following areas Gympie, Sunshine Coast, Caboolture, Morayfield, Deception Bay, Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast and Ipswich. If you have a property in any of these areas or in between give us a call and we can help you out or if you have multiple properties we can help you out in our platinum class which gives different entitlements to fees and local business bonus’s.

SEQ Rentals’ real focus is on Property Management
Why is our agency more successful at renting, rent arrears and rent increases then the old style of agencies? It’s because of our new system it aligns our interests with yours.

How does SEQ Rentals system align with you?
The way our system works for you is that we don’t pay our managers a flat salary like all the old style management companies, we actually pay our managers on a commission basis where the better they manage your investment or rental property the more they get paid. How does this work? The property managers get paid a percentage of the management fee or commission we get paid for managing the property. So if the tenant stops paying rent and you don’t receive you rent then they don’t get paid. So this now aligns their interest with yours. Since implementing this new system we have reduced our rent arrears to below 1%.

This makes our managers the best in the business at looking after your investment.

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