About Us - SEQ Rentals Management

SEQ Rentals are a team of highly dedicated professionals with over 25 years’ experience. We pride ourselves ensuring every investor receives the specialised service they deserve.

SEQ Rentals' real focus is on Property Management

Why is our agency more successful at renting, rent arrears and rent increases then the old style of agencies?It’s because of our new system it aligns our interests with yours.

How does SEQRentals.net.au system work for you?

The way our system works for you is that we don’t pay our managers a flat salary like all the old style management companies, we actually pay our managers on a commission basis where the better they manage your investment property the more they get paid.

This makes our managers the best in the business at looking after your investment.

Still need convincing?

If you have reached this far and you need a little more convincing to have SEQ Rentals manage your property. Please read the following points.

  • Free rental appraisal
  • Free internet listings (incl domain & realestate.com.au)
  • We service all suburbs from Gold Coast to Gympie; you can add all your properties under the one umbrella
  • Proven action plan to rent your property
  • Updates on renting your property through all stages

Arrange a Free Appraisal today to receive 3 months Free Management.